The Nexus Cupp (ネクサスカップ) is an international Rating Game tournament organized by Ajuka Beelzebub, Yog-Sothoth and Shiva, meant too act as an second Azazel Cup.

Summary Edit

The Nexus Cupp was planned by Indra, Cao Cao and Yog-Sothoth in preparation of the sealing of the final 7 rouge heads of Trihexa, and the war between the mythological factions and Homunculus. The Nexus Cupp is created to serve as a proxy war among the myths and prevent hostility from brewing among myths which could lead into more wars. A person's value as a piece is asserted by a smartphone app (according to tournament's benchmark) provided by the tournament's management. This assessment is done by taking a photo of someone with the app; even working on vampires and ghosts that normally can't be photographed.

Ruling Edit

Due to the inclusion of non-Devils, the Nexus Cupp's rules are that of the Azazel Cup, with some alterations.

  1. Anyone can register as a King.
  2. A King can register anyone on his team as long as the targeted person isn't in another team.
  3. Devils with multiple Evil Pieces will be treated as 1 Piece for this tournament with the exception of Gods or God-level which will automatically be counted as 2 pieces or 8 Pawn pieces.
  4. Each teams starts with 1750 points and they would accumulate more points by playing matches.

Prize Edit

According to Greed, if a team leader wins the tournament they can ask for anything and if the wish isn't demanding or large-scale, then the rest of the team members can also ask for anything. The tournament prize would use the mystical power of all combined factions to fulfill as many wishes as possible.

Locations Edit

  • Nexus Colosseum
    • (Team Azure Dragon Jester of Gremory vs Team Hyoudou Children)
    • (Team Fullbringer vs Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth)
  • Outer Gods Stadium
    • (Team Silver Dragon Star of Lucifer vs Unknown Team)
    • (Team New Hero of the Longinus Star vs Team Leisure of the Dragon Kings)
  • Azazel Stadium
    • (Team Domination Princess vs Unnamed Devil Team)
  • Pandemonium Stadium
    • (Team Azure Dragon Jester of Gremory vs Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth)
  • Gremory Stadium
    • (Team New Hero of the Longinus Star vs Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor)
  • Commandments Colosseum
    • (Team Silver Dragon Star of Lucifer vs Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star)
  • Fafnir Stadium
    • (Team Prison Glass Dragoness vs Team Domination Princess)
  • Abyss Stadium
    • (Team Phoenix vs Team Fullbringer)
  • Necropolis Colosseum
    • (Team Rias Gremory vs Team Domination Princess)
    • (Team Sona Sitri vs Team Prison Glass Dragoness)
  • Valhalla Stadium
    • (Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor vs Team Silver Dragon Star of Lucifer)

Known Teams Edit

  1. Team Azure Dragon Jester of Gremory
  2. Team Domination Princess
  3. Team Hyoudou Children
  4. Team Fullbringer
  5. Team Silver Dragon Star of Lucifer
  6. Team New Hero of the Longinus Star
  7. Team Prison Glass Dragoness
  8. Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth
  9. Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star
  10. Team Rias Gremory
  11. Team Sona Sitri
  12. Team Slash/Dog
  13. Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor
  14. Team Journey to the West
  15. Team Asura
  16. Team Phoenix
  17. Team Leisure of the Higher Kings
  18. Team Shooting Star
  19. Team Black

Participants Edit

Uther Maho Akuko Sera Reinhert Rei
King Uther Pendragon Maho Gremory Akuko Lucifer Sera Sitri Reinhert Quarta Rei Seren
Queen Asuna Helsing Shuri Himejima Nemu Lucifer Kemo Asmodeus Pride Bella Benoic
Bishop Bon Karmila Alphonse Phenex Morgana Pendragon N/A Liz Argento Athena
Aluca Vladi Albedo Quarta N/A Lust Irene Himejima
Knight Rugan Lykaon Isaiah Kiba Dabi Fay Refiz Ban Benoic Mund Sellzen
Lint Sellzen Ro Land Kazaru Galand N/A Grisha Faust
Rook Shire Leviathan Lucas Shidou Behemoth Belia Sitri Axel Hyoudou Red Boy
Yao (Greed) Vasco Strada Achemo Gremory Terro Faust
Pawn Diaochan Quetzalcoatl Ziz Bird N/A Amuka Muramasa Ko Fritz Haber
N/A Leon Da Vinci
Afureia N/A N/A
Sköll Alice Helsing N/A N/A

Participants 2 Edit

Issei Rias Vali Sona Sairaorg Riser Cao Cao
King Issei Hyoudou Rias Gremory Vali Lucifer Sona Sitri Sairaorg Bael Riser Phenex Cao Cao
Queen Ingvild Leviathan Akeno Himejima Kuroka Tsubaki Shinra Kuisha Abaddon Yubelluna Guan Yu
Bishop Asia Argento Gasper Vladi Elaine Westcott Reya Kusaka Veves Furfur Mihae Georg
Ravel Phenex Valerie Tepes Le Fay Pendragon Momo Hanakai Misteeta Sabnock N/A Marsilio
Knight Xenovia Quarta Yuuto Kiba Arthur Pendragon Tomoe Meguri Beruka Furcas Karlamine Jeanne
Irina Shidou Sha Wujing Bennia Liban Crocell Siris Perseus
Rook Ouryuu Nakiri Koneko Toujou Gogmagog Tsubasa Yura Ladora Buné Isabela Heracles
Bova Tannin Shiro Toujou Zhu Bajie Loup Garou Sectaas Barbatos Xuelan Connla
Pawn Rossweisse Crom Cruach Fenrir Genshirou Saji Regulus Ile N/A
Nel N/A
Ni N/A
Elmenhilde Karnstein Li N/A
Bikou Ruruko Nimura Coriana Andrealphus Marion N/A
Roygun Belphegor Burent N/A
Kuronu Hyoudou N/A Gandoma Balam Shuriya N/A
N/A Mira N/A

Participants 3 Edit

Tobio Apollon Sun Wukong
King Tobio Ikuse Apollon Sun Wukong
Queen Mitsuya Kanzaki Midgardsormr Gautama Buddha
Bishop Lavinia Reni Bellatrix Xuanzang Sanzang
Knight Kouki Samejima Brynhildr Sha Wujing
Zeal Ikuse Nezha
Rook Natsume Minagawa Vidar Zhu Bajie
Pawn Suzaku Himejima N/A Enma