The New Hero Faction (新しい英雄派 Atarashī Eiyū-ha) was the second-largest faction of the New Khaos Brigade led by Seren, the current wielder of the True Longinus.

Summary Edit

The New Hero Faction was one of the factions in New Khaos Brigade that consisted of solely Humans, and was a reformation of the original Hero Faction of the original Khaos Brigade. All members of the New Hero Faction were either Sacred Gear, Holy-Demonic Sword, Holy Sword, Demon Sword, and/or Longinus wielders.

The motto of the New Hero Faction was the same as the original Hero Faction, to fight and defeat "evil beings" such as Devils, Succubi, Incubi, Fallen Angels, and Dragons that bring harm to Humans. The New Hero Faction possessed a large number of Sacred Gear wielders who were either abducted and brainwashed, or followed willingly. Many of these members, however, were sacrificed in battle during the New Hero Faction's attempts to force them to achieve Balance Breaker. All of those who didn't reach Balance Breaker were eventually captured and later died as a result of Wagyl's Dreamtime drugs destroying their Sacred Gears, while those who did achieve Balance Breaker were called back before they could be caught.

The Hero Faction went inactive after Volume 14 after the loss of their leaders. Shiva sends their most powerful members (Seren, Cú Chulainn, Doc, and Alice) to the Realm of the Dead, taking all of their Longinus from them. Theseus, Red Boy and Atalanta were captured by the Devils and Fallen Angels for interrogation, while Edward was the only main member of the Hero Faction who died in battle.

Members Edit

Member Information
Seren The leader of the New Hero Faction, and the current possessor of the True Longinus.
Cú Chulainn The inheritor of the spirit of the Irish Hero, Cú Chulainn.
Doc Holliday The descendent of the original Doc Holliday
Alice Benoic The descendent of King Ban from Arthurian Legend.
Edward Allan Poe The descendent of the american writer, Edgar Allan Poe.
Theseus The inheritor of the spirit of the hero Theseus, the man who slayed the Minotaur.
Atalanta The inheritor of the spirit of the virgin huntress, Atalanta.
Red Boy The inheritor of the spirit of the Red Boy from the novel Journey to the West.
Jonathan Flamel The descendent of Nicolas Flamel, the man who discovered the Philosopher's Stone. He possesses the Sacred Gear Magnum Opus, which has the ability to summon four different demons, each with their own ability.
Marsilio Ficino The descendant of Marsilio Ficino. He possesses the Sacred Gear Wonderland Artillery, which has the ability to create any weapon he can imagine.
Jester Reborn Possessor An unnamed former member of the New Hero Faction. He first appeared in Volume 11 fighting the Gremory and Bael Teams. His Sacred Gear grants him the ability to materialize a five foot, red and purple clown. He was defeated by Ayato.
Staring Crimson and Staring Gold Possessors A pair of unnamed twins with crimson and gold hair. They appeared in Volume 11 fighting the Gremory and Bael Teams.
  • The crimson haired older sister of the two. She possessed the Sacred Gear, Staring Crimson that could use attacks made of bows and arrows of crimson light. She was defeated by Diaochan.  
  • The gold haired younger brother of the two. He possessed the Sacred Gear, Staring Gold that could use attacks made of bows and arrows of golden light. He was defeated by Horokeu.