The Imperium Eleven (インペリアムイレブン, Inperiamu irebun, lit. Eleven imperial Novices) is the title that was given to the eleven young Devils from the 72 Pillars or Extra Demons, and are considered as the Underworld's great saviours and greatest threats.

Summary Edit

The title was first mentioned during a meeting of the Nerlinque Council in Volume 7 of Highschool DxD: Jester of the Gremory Clan by Adrian Plato and Joshua Beelzebub, and later explained by Mephisto Pheles. The Imperium Eleven refers to eleven young Devils from the 72 Pillairs and Extra Demons who are considered both the Underworld's great saviours as well their biggest threat due to a specific trait in them as well as an innate abnormal level of power which cannot be reached by any other Devil of same age no matter how much they train. According to Joshua, only one Imperium Eleven can defeat another at their peak.

Because they are considered abnormalities, they are under constant survaillance and their natural talent and development, encouraged by others. They are also given a label according to their trait and power, called a Commandment.

Young devils, in order to avoid Ostracism for the Imperium Eleven, are not informed about such.

Imperium Eleven Edit

Imperium Eleven
Name Commandment Description
Maho Gremory War Maho Gremory, known as the Domination Princess (ドミネーションプリンセス, Dominēshon Purinsesu)
Clyde Amaymon Plague Clyde Amaymon, known as the Dragon Prince (ドラゴンプリンス, Doragon Purinsu)
Shi Gremory Lust Shi Gremory, known as the Crimson Inferno (クリムゾンインフェルノ, Kurimuzon' Inferuno)
Sera Sitri Envy Sera Sitri, known as the Sea Dragon (シードラゴン, Shī Doragon)
Rosenkreutz Mammon Wrath Rosenkreutz Mammon, known as the Iron Rose Forest (アイアンローズフォレスト, Aian Rōzu Foresuto)
Alice Phenex Pride Alice Phenex, known as the Shining Phoenix (フェニックスシャイニング, Shainingu Fenikkusu)
Apep Amaymon Conquest Apep Amaymon, known as the Necropolis Adventurer (ネクロポリスアドベンチャー, Nekuroporisu Adobenchā)
Jackson Nebiros Greed Jackson Nebiros, known as the Ripper (リッパー, Rippā)
Maria Abaddon-Bael Gluttony Maria Abaddon-Bael, known as the Blazing Angel (エンジェルブレイジング, Bureijingu Enjeru)
Vulcan Dantalion Famine Vulcan Dantalion, known as the Aeon Craftsman (イオンクラフトマン, Ion Kurafutoman)
Crystal Furfur Sloth Crystal Furfur, known as the Tempest Witch (テンペストウィッチ, Tenpesuto U~itchi)

Crowned Four Edit

The Crowned Four (クラウン・フォーア, Kuraun fōa), is an unofficial sub-group of young Devils that consists of the direct descendants of the Four Great Satans.

Crowned Four
Name Title Description
Akuko Lucifer Crown Prince of the Morning Star
Aviginis Asmodeus Crown Princess of Marital Homicide
Raelynn Levitathan Crown Princess of Sea Serpents
Viral Beelzebub Crown Prince of Flies