High School DxD: Яe-Jester (ハイスクールD×D:Яe、ジェスター, Haisukūru D×D: Â e, -Jesutā) is a seven part special fanic, created by Dr Drumkit.

Summary Edit

From this point on, what is told consists of top secret circumstances known only to a small number of highly important people—

Though these are important events, it is something that must not by any means be made public……the time may come though when the truth contained within this information may be useful.

Therefore, in the case that something were to happen to me, I am purposefully recording this to serve as an intermediary.

Even though I earnestly desire that this shall never be released, I shall commence the account.


The story is told from Cao Cao's perspective where he recorded the following events. The Current Occult Research Club, the Black Dividing Team, the New Hero Faction, members of Issei Hyoudou's, Rias Gremory's Peerages and the Vali Team, faces off against invaders known as Outer Newforms led by Azathoth, that has travel from a possible future 30 years from now, however also from the future comes a surprise visit by Uther's children in an attempt to stop him.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 1, The Diabolos Artist of Pendragon and Gremory
  • Chapter 2, Invaders from Another World
  • Chapter 3, Uther's Future Children
  • Chapter 4, Will, Breasts, Gears and What?
  • Chapter 5, The Forbidden United Front
  • Chapter 6, Uther Pendragon, Devil, Dragon, Human, God?
  • Chapter 7, And so, to Tomorrow...
  • Extra Chapter, All of Uther's Kids

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Ayato Gremory Emma Himejima
Ayato Gremory (アヤトグレモリー, Ayato Guremorī): The first biological child and son of Uther Pendragon and Maho Gremory as well as the fourth oldest sibling, he is known as the Devil Son of the Crimson Pendragon. He was trained by Reinhert, Akuko and Isaiah; therefore he is the young ace of the united armies of all combined mythological systems, as well as the strongest swordsman of both the Gremory and Pendragon families, with skills that rival his father's. He is described as a young teen with white hair that has a fringe dyed crimson, and a left, blue-green eye and right gold eye. Ayato is a typically very obedient and brave lad but is also extremely laid-back and headstrong as he has a tendency to become reckless when someone important to him is injured and taking more independent action on his own, Shin is so far the only sibling who can scare him into following orders. Ayato has conflicting feelings towards his father, for he initially has a slight dislike for him on account of Uther failing to protect Alice from when Azathoth placed her in a coma with his curse and stole her Sacred Gears, but at the same time misses him very much since he hardly ever spending time with him and admires how he is always able to continue fighting. Compared to his father who is somewhat open about his perverted desires, Ayato is rather shy in contrast.

Ayato has inherited the Power of Destruction from his mother. Additionally he also wields e weapons: an Artificial Sacred Gear created by his older sister, Emma and Shemhazai with using a fraction of Uther's power, the Diabolos Dragonaut and the Holy Swords, Caliburn and Galatine III that he uses in tandem with his Power of Destruction in a slash form, as well as Caliburn's space ripping and immense holy aura.

Emma Himejima (姫島 エマ, Himejima Ema): The second oldest of the siblings and the daughter of Uther and Shuri Himejima. Emma is described as a androgynous-looking girl with long black and white hair and comes off as a well mannered person, apologizing on her siblings behalf when they act reckless, but she is also a sadist, similar to her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. As a researcher from Grigori, Emma is the person that helped created the Diabolos Dragonaut for her brother Ayato and is both Shemhazai's and Ajuka's successor as a Grigori Researcher. She inherited the abilities of the Himejima bloodline and his great-grandfather such as Purification and Holy Lightning respectfully. Kurenai can summon a Sacred Beast called Houou, which is similar to his clan's Suzaku, that can control fire. Emma is also capable of flight by using both Devil and Dragon wings.
Midoriya Helsing Fanu La Karmila
Midoriya Helsing (ミドリヤヘルシング, Midoriya Herushingu): The sixth eldest of the siblings and the son of Uther and Alice Helsing, she was born around the same year as Ayato and her half-sister and cousin. He has the appearance of a young man with long blonde hair and grey eyes, he also wears two golden gauntlets on each of his hands. Like his mother, Midoriya is really kind hearted and has a strong impression of seniority, which is seen when he was assisting a lost old lady when, in fact, he wasn't meant to interact with anyone on their mission. He comes off as rather bold and energetic as he went overboard in beating the enemies who harmed his mother while passionately saying how wonderful he is.

Unlike his mother, Midoriya excels in combat, due to being both an excellent nature-based magic user and a proficient hand-to-hand fighter. He is said to be tied with Ayato, Albert and Kazuto as the strongest among the siblings in terms of combat. He wields an Artificial Longinus; Innovation Imperium, which is said to be the perfect combination of the Longinus, Innovate Clear and Telos Karma, with Midoriya is currently training under Mitsuya Kanzaki to master the Sacred Gear.

Fanu La Karmila (ファヌーラカルミラ, Fanū Ra Karumira): The daughter of Uther and Bon Karmila. She is described as a pink hair girl tied in a single long braid with a pink left eye and grey right eye. She wears a sky-blue kimono, over a light magenta dress underneath. She also wears a white scarf around her neck. She was born around the same year as Kazuto and Emma, making her the second oldest daughter and overall third oldest sibling.

Fanu excels as an expert in magic, as she is capable of using her magic to analyze and replicate spells from other magic wielders as well. She was able to copy Azathoth's spell that would free Alice from the coma he placed on her.

She also wields the Sacred Gear, Staring Green, that allows her to use attacks made of bows and arrows of green light.

Lan Fan Pendragon Shin Seren
Lan Fan Pendragon (ランファンペンドラゴン, Ran Fan Pendoragon): The daughter of Uther and Diaochan. Like her mother, Diaochan is a Nekomata with black hair and black and white cat ears and usually wears a kimono similar to her mother's. She is noted to give off a tough looking expression. She is one of the younger siblings to have come.

Lan Fan is able to use Touki and since she is a Senjutsu user, she can also create countless numbers of Kasha's. She is also the current possessor of the Banana Palm Fan, One of the Five Treasured Tools of Taishang Laojun (The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord).

Shin Seren (シンセレン, Shin Seren): The daughter of Uther and Rei Seren. Like her mother, Shin is slightly destructive in battle, but not quite as stubborn. Shin has a close relationship with Cao Cao who became her mentor and sees him as a second father figure at the very least.

Shin is the wielder of the Artificial Longinus; Lotus Triaina. Like Ayato, she was also trained by Kiba. Due to her training with Cao Cao, Shin's usage of his Lotus Triaina is more focused on techniques rather than its destructive powers like his mother. Shin is also capable of flight using her Dragon wings.

Albert Quarta Oenix Phenex
Albert Quarta (アルバートクァルタ, Arubāto Kwaruta): The son of Uther and Albedo Quarta and likely the fifth eldest sibling. Like his mother, Albert is slightly destructive in battle, but not quite as stubborn and focuses his destructive power into punches. Albedo has a close relationship with the current monkey king, Bikou, who became his fighting mentor and sees him as a second father figure at the very least.

Unlike his mother, Albert excels in combat, due to being both an excellent nature-based magic user and a proficient hand-to-hand fighter. He is said to be the third-strongest among the siblings in terms of combat. He wields an New Longinus; Absoluto Dawn, in which a tamed version of the spirit of the Dragon, Apophis is used as the power source.

Albert also wields the sword, Durandal VII. Albert's usage of his Durandal VII is more focused on techniques rather than its destructive powers like his mother.

Oenix Phenex (フェニックスフェニックス, Enikkusu Fenikkusu): The daughter of Uther and Alphonse Phenex. She is described as a blonde young girl with twice as many hair drills as her mother (total of 4), with grey eyes. She is younger than Shin but was born around the same year as him. She has the characteristics of a well mannered noble girl. She respects her father the most out of all of her siblings and tends to berate those who acts stubborn even to her own sibling especially Ayato, a trait she inherited from her grandmother's "Ojou" personality.

Oenix has also inherited the abilities of the flames of the Phenex clan as well as her father's Dragon aura. She is also skilled at using magic.

Basara Pendragon Kazuto Helsing
Basara Pendragon (バサラペンドラゴン, Basara Pendoragon): The son of Uther and Afureia, and is about the same age as Ayato, so he is also quoted as the fourth oldest. He is described as a young man with dark brown hair with white fringes, and aqua eyes with a mole under his right eye. He wears a green knitted turtleneck similar to his mother, under a black haori. Basara is a kind and stoic person, and respects his father with great pride, current or future, as seen when he was enraged after Azathoth called the current Uther weak.

He wields the Holy-Demonic sword, Brynnhildr, which houses the spirit of the Valkyrie of the same name.

Kazuto Helsing (人和ヘルシング, Kazuto Herushingu): The eldest of the siblings and the son of Uther and Asuna Helsing. Kazuto is described as a slender boy with red hair and gold eyes and comes off as a well mannered person, apologizing on his siblings behalf when they act reckless as well as a notable leader.

Kazuto possesses the Demon swords,

Nothung and Tyrfing, as well as great magical and lchemical knowledge. Kazuto is also capable of flight by using Dragon wings.

Kurobara Toujou Pendragon Ophilith
Kurobara Toujou Pendragon (黒原東方ペンドラゴン, Kurobaru Tōhō Pendoragon): The daughter of Uther and Nemu Lucifer, and is the youngest of the siblings. Kurobara is described as a young girl with white and black hair, with the black parts being tied into pig tails, and a left gold eye and right violet. Ophilith (オフィリス, Ofirisu): The daughter of Uther and the spawn of Ophis, Lilith, and the third oldest of Uther's daughters. She is described to have a similar appearance to Lilith and Ophis, except with white hair in a ponytail, and with golden eyes.

Antagonist Edit

  • Azathoth (アザトス, Azatosu): An Ancient and Evil God from the Cthulhu mythos, that was sealed away the God of the Bible, who was able to break free from his imprisonment at some point and placed a curse on Alice that put her in a coma. He teams up with the beings from the other world known as ON's who stated a war to invade the main one, Azathoth and the ON's travel back in time in order to tamper with the past to that would conclude in the worlds demise
  • ON: The Outer Newforms are mechanical beings from the ExE world that are a combination of machine and organic parts. These beings are soldiers manufactured by the evil gods from the parallel world. They invaded the world the Three Factions resides in in the near future before traveling into the past with Azathoth. Their entire bodies appear to resemble humanoid insects with four limbs, while having a hard exoskeleton surface which emits a brilliant luster and are entirely colored in one shade of silver. They seem to have neither a nose or a mouth, appear to have five pale eyes, and a large protruding head. These lifeforms also appear to be durable enough to withstand Jonathan's Blood Cross enhanced punch and are capable of shooting a red beam from each of its five eyes that can bypass defensive magic circles, have the ability to curve, and, at the same time, redirect their trajectory. These lifeforms also have, within their bodies, the ability to produce countless tentacles, which they can reattach and use to heal themselves.
    • Ruma Ydura: A being of the Mythology from the paralleled world known as ExE and one of the Four Generals 'Invade Fanatics'.
    • Rezzo Roado:
    • New Fenrir: A living mechanical copy of the original Fenrir created by Azathoth.
    • Fenris:
    • Garvarudan: A fifteen meter tall mechanical dragon. Its forearms are both very thick, to the point they appeared somewhat like shields. It does has any wings on its back, but it had what appeared to be rocket engines on either side of its back. The mouth that had been made of metal had been manufactured to look like the smile of a flesh and blood living creature. It can also give off a green lustre.

Other Characters Edit

  • Aluca Vladi: A future version of Aluca who was gifted a prototype version of the Artificial Longinus; Eon Sub-Balor, used its time manipulating abilities to go back in time along with Uther's kids in pursuit of Azathoth, she also acts as their superior. Aluca has become a Super Devil and has grown up to become a more courageous woman as well as a more fearsome one since the children both fear and respect her. She also the half-mother to them, as she had a child with Uther. She wears the same thing she use to, but with a darker color tone.
  • Uther Pendragon Gremory Ambrosius: The future version of Uther who is now married to all of the girls who love him, and achieved something similar to Issei, and became an Second Harem King. Uther hardly has time for his children due to his busy schedule which is filled for the next 200 years, with his wives taking turns to see him and act as his escort. He's always rushing over back and forth from one place to another, such as to certain locations for other mythological systems, whether it's helping out, giving speeches or some kind of industrial enterprise. He is noted to still be a pervert even then. Uther also obtained all the Longinus, through an unnamed event that involved Great Red, Chichigami, and the spirit of the Biblical God. Uther also went under Ten Azure Jokers' Sacred Savior, but Ajuka Beelzebub managed to create a antidote for it, and as a result, Uther now can now take the form of a huge dragon that is about a hundred meters in size with crimson and white scales. A the last moment, Uther traveled back in time with Aluca, Mavis and Ayato's younger sister, Eto Gremory to assist his children and settle the battle.
  • Maho Gremory: Maho had retired and ceded the position as head of the Gremory family house to her second cousin, Shi. Now she has expanded her business range into many different kinds of industry.
  • Alice Helsing Pendragon: She is well loved by all of Uther's kids as she never gets mad at them and is noted to be the most kind among their mothers. She has learned all of the Hyoudou families' cooking techniques that she serves to all the kids which they enjoy a lot. Azathoth placed a curse on her that caused Alice to fall into a deep sleep that she cannot wake up from as part of his revenge. As a result, this caused much grief for their family and forced them to go after Alice to the past in order for him to undo his curse before she dies.
  • Shuri Himejima: Shuri has become more participative in Grigori by serving as an executive, and also managed to form several sub-species Balance Breakers, for Incinerate Anthem. She has also come to speak of Shemhazai with great respect and admiration.
  • Rei Seren: Rei became the principal to a cram school for students aiming to go to the underworld's top notch universities. As she was unable to enjoy her childhood, she wants the children to enjoy their youth, have a somewhat healthy childhood where they would study together, and get into a good school. She tends to takes charge of investigating how their studies are going.
  • Asuna Helsing: Asuna's life has become comparable to that of a office lady who comes home late at night exhausted, as she's so busy with her work in the underworld that she's almost never seen, and thus only comes home on occasion where she does nothing but sleep. Asuna even criticizes her fellow wives whenever they decide to take a female manager's vacation, but she is also still perverted.
  • Alphonse Pendragon: Upon marrying Uther, Alphonse has left the house of Phenex and thus taken his surname.
  • Isaiah Kiba: Isaiah is the sword master and mentor for the kids since he was the one who trained them in the ways of swordsmanship. Due to Uther's absence, Isaiah spends the most time with his kids, and therefore is viewed as a secondary father figure to them.
  • Akuko Lucifer: Akuko also trains Uther's children in combat. He teaches Ayato in particular how to use his Dragon abilities. Akuko has become something of a archaeologist, as he has excavated ancient relics from the Old Gods era as well as the original Satans while studying ruins and artifacts. He's noted to be obsessed with ramen as much as fighting.
  • Rugan Lykaon:
  • Shi Gremory: Has become the main head of the Gremory clan house and has become into a Super Devil.
  • Daniel: In this era, Daniel became a Super Devil and has become the unofficial Governor-General Grigori, despite being a Devil.
  • Apophis: He became contracted with Albert to become the power source within his Artificial Longinus.

List of Equipment Edit

  • Durandal VII: A Holy Sword manufactured from the union of supernatural and scientific techniques through the use of alchemy and mechanical techniques, and the successor to the original Durandal and Durandal V. It has the qualities of a gun with an ejectable magazine attached and a trigger that launches orbs from the blade in a manner similar to Xenovia's Durandal Cannon.
  • Galatine III: Also known as The Existence Cutter, Scarlet Blade. An alchemy-metalurgical crafted version of the Holy Sword Galatine, it is used in tandem with Caliburn and Ayato's Power of Destruction.
  • Diabolos Dragonaut: Also known as the Gauntlet of the Emperor Crown Prince of Twin Supremacy and Domination, it is an artificial Longinus created by Emma and Shemhazi that is based on the Boosted Gear and Uther's Twilight Dragonaut. It has the same ability as the Boosted Gear, which is to boost his capabilities, but is still unstable so Ayato must be careful not to overuse it, and it also has several Balance Breakers, similar to Twilight Dragonaut.
    • Diabolos Crown Prince Spiral: The artificial Sacred Gear's first Balance Breaker, It creates a crimson colored Dragon Armor around Ayato with four scarlet dragon wings that integrates Ayato's cursed holy sword and Caliburn into the armor. The armor has abilities similar to the original Boosted Gear Scale Mail and Twilight Dragonaut's second form, Twilight Dragonaut: Great Spiral Wing as well.
  • Innovation Imperium: Also known as the Heavenly Fate Garden of the Sinking Sky, Quaking Sea and Falling Land, is an Artificial Longinus that is said to be combination of, Innovate Clear and Telos Karma.
    • Innovetur Transcendental Lotus: Also known as the Ascended Forest of Life, Death, Fate and Creation. The Balance Balance for Midoriya's Sacred Gear that creates a small forest that Midoriya can control in every way.
  • Brynnhildar: A Holy-Demonic Sword wielded by Basara. Its name is taken from the spirit of Valkyrie thats housed with the sword.
  • Absoluto Dawn: An Artificial Longinus in the form of a orb wielded by Albert that uses a tamed verison of the spirit of Apophis as its power source. It also appears to be based on the Longinus, Absolute Demise.
    • Disaster Eternal Dusk Absoluto: Also known as The Sunrise of the Eternal Frozen Night. It is the Sacred Gear's Balance Balance form that creates a small blizzard around Albert.
  • Lotus Triaina: An Artificial Longinus created by and wielded by Shin thats based off his mother's, Twin Triaina..

Trivia Edit

  • All of Uther's children who have appeared are those who have come of age to do battle, implying that there are more of his kids who are still young and non-combatants.
    • This was confirmed as in the extra chapter, as it says the name of all of Uther's children and their mothers. In no order, Uther's children are:
      • Kazuto Helsing (Mother: Asuna Helsing)
      • Emma Himejima (Mother: Shuri Himejima)
      • Ophilith (Mother: Lilith)
      • Ayato Gremory (Mother: Maho Gremory)
      • Basara Pendragon (Mother: Afureia)
      • Eto Gremory (Mother: Maho Gremory)
      • Midoriya Helsing (Mother: Alice Helsing)
      • Lan Fan Pendragon (Mother: Diaochan)
      • Oenix Phenex (Mother: Alphonse Phenex)
      • Albert Quarta (Mother: Albedo Quarta)
      • Shin Seren (Mother: Rei Seren)
      • Fanu La Karmila (Mother: Bon Karmila)
      • Kurobara Toujou Pendragon (Mother: Nemu Lucifer)
      • Ernestine Vladi (Mother: Aluca Vlai)
      • Ryggen Leviathan (Mother: Raelynn Leviathan)
      • Lamia Leviathan (Mother: Shire Leviathan)
      • Fuyu Eindridesson (Mother: Yuuna Eindridesson)
      • Ellen Helsing (Mother: Asuna Helsing)
      • Panthera Therian (Mother: Leone Therian)
      • Airi Argento (Mother: Liz Argento)
      • Evaine Benoic (Mother: Lily Benoic)
      • Jin Toujou (Mother: Shiro Toujou)
      • Kameil Sitri (Mother: Sera Sitri)
  • It's revealed that Akuko and Morgana Pendragon have an unnamed son who was temporally erased due to time being altered, leaving up to his siblings to fix it to bring him back. He's referred to being just as stubborn as Ayato, and also took both the Lucifer and Pendragon namesake.
    • Its also said that Rugan and Shi, Isaiah and Amuka, Reinhert and Dame, Gray and Kurome and Clyde, Aviginis and Lilim all have children. The children are as follow:
      • Mio Gremory Lykaon (澪グレモリーリュカオン, Mio Guremorī Ryukaon): The daughter of Rugan and Shi.
      • Messon Kiba (木場メゾン, Kiba Mezon): The son of Isaiah and Amuka.
      • Cyrus Du Lac Quarta (サイラスドゥラッククァルタ, Sairasu Do~urakku Kwaruta): The son of Reinhert and Dame.
      • Silver Fullbringer (シルバーフルブリンガー, Shirubā Furuburingā): The son of Gray and Kurome.
      • Boris Amaymon (ボリスアマイモン, Borisu Amaimon): The son of Clyde and Aviginis.
      • Akame (アカメ, Akame): The daughter of Clyde and Lilim.
  • In their childhood, Uther's kids were told the Oppai Dragon Song as a lullaby.
    • With that and the fact that all their mothers had huge breasts, they wouldn't recognize someone as a woman if she has small breasts at first, which is something that angered Abun.
  • The Helsing siblings are technically sibling-cousins, due to being Half-sisters and Half-brother and cousins at the same time.
    • According to Cao Cao, Midoriya's and Ellen's appearances are the same right down to their faces, also implying they were born around the same time.
  • Airi's name was made from combining the initials of her grandmother Asia, her grandfather Issei, and her step-grandmother Rias.
    • Ophilith's name is also made from a combination of her mother, Lilith, and her grandmother, Ophis.
  • Ayato's name is an interesting case; deriving from the kanji 文 (aya) "art" and 人 (to) "person," the name "Ayato" has several various trivial meanings including: "ambition," "power," "progress," "confident," "restless," "independent," "determined," and "courageous."
  • Ernestine means "vigour, strife".
  • Midoriya means "green Valley".
    • Midoriya was named by Mitsuya as an expression of gratitude by Uther, sort of making him his godfather.
  • Emma's Sacred Beast is also known as Fenghuang, the Chinese Phoenix.
  • Shin's name has multiple meanings that could refer to him being part angel such as "heart" or "truth".
  • Oenix's name is just a shortened spelling of Phoenix.
  • Basara could mean "male wolf".
  • Lan Fan means "cold rice".
  • Jin is derived from the kanji for blade and Kurobara means "Black rose" (although it is spelled with the Kanji for "Black Thorn" even though the pronunciation would be the Kanji "Black Rose"), with their very names, like their mothers, referring to the color of their hair and tails and at the same time with Jin's name also hinting that he many use swords unlike his mother, their mothers as well.